Collaboratory Location

The Collaboratory is housed within North Hatcher Library, 100 North Hatcher Gallery.  The space allows research teams to meet together in a collaborative and flexible environment easily accessible to consultative services available through the library.

If you are a member of the Collaboratory team, you can contact us at to reserve the space. Reservations are first come first serve. 

The space has many amenities. In our conference room, teams can use zoom to be able to connect with geographically distant team members. Our main space has a high top table, perfect for a lunch meeting, and a jam board to be able to collaboratively share ideas and workshop team projects. There is also a variety of furniture teams can help themselves to to create the ideal setting for their meeting. The space is also equipped with a water cooler and coffee/tea station.

View from outside 100 North Hatcher Gallery

Inside the Humanities Collaboratory