Campus Resources for Collaboration

An inventory of the resources and capacities of programs and associations at the university that support collaborative work in the humanities.

The History of Art Department’s Visual Resources Collection (VRC) maintains nearly two million images of art. They have extended their digitizing services to scholars and students in other departments across campus. Please refer to HISTORY OF ART-VRC Brochure 2017 for a full list of services, or contact Cathy Pense Rayos for further information.

U-M Library Deep Blue Data serves as a permanent and accessible home for publishing and preserving research done at the University. It supports a variety of collaborative formats and in-process work, including data, images, audio, and video files. It also offers teams the option of making their work visible in the larger context of the university environment, both within and across disciplines.

U-M Library Scholarspace is a place for collaborating and connecting with faculty and students on digital and technology-enabled projects. It provides consultation and workshops on a range of processes and products of research collaboration, including, but not limited to, text mining, web publishing, infographic design, and multimedia creation.

U-M Library Copyright Office provides the university community information about copyright through consultations, public workshops, and customized copyright education sessions.

U-M Library Accessibility provides resources and guidance to collaborative groups on scholarship and publishing deliverables that can be accessible to a range of audiences using a broad range of technologies. Learn more about how to make your projects accessible with Stephanie Rosen (U-M accessibility specialist and our guest blogger).

Teaching and Technology (TeachTech) Collaborative offers a wide range of workshops to faculty and students teams throughout the academic year, including sessions focused on achieving clarity and control through effective management of collaborative projects.