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T Hetzel

Jackson Kaguri at the mic at the studio table with T in headphones, both holding up his book

Twesigye Jackson Kaguri

From the archive: 2010 Twesigye Jackson Kaguri reads from his book The Price of Stones: Building A School For My Village (Penguin Group USA 2010). We talk about how he founded a school in rural Uganda for children who had been orphaned by AIDS.  We talk about his calling and his reasons for making this inspiring …

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Peter Ho Davies

From the archive: 2016 Peter Ho Davies reads from his novel The Fortunes (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2016).  We talk about structure, identity, stereotype, Detroit, and China. We also talk about truth and fiction, citizenship, Joe Strummer, and other things we are thankful for. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/epbf2z6atq1qj7g9irlo15i1einvduwo.mp3 Download Audio Original airdate: November 23, 2016 For more on this author, …

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the artist signs her photobook and the engineer, Liz, smiles while holding a record album The Cocktiel

Michele Oka Doner

From the archive: 2016 Michele Oka Doner talks about her photobook Into the Mysterium (Regan Arts).  We talk about curiosity and wonder, her life-long study of the natural world, and Miami Beach.We also talk about being a student at Michigan in the 60s. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/afn7swhl64ldoj5qak76u54xfl896kup.mp3 Download Audio Original airdate: November 2, 2016 For more about this …

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poet looking up and smiling, author photo

Tarfia Faizullah

From the archive: 2016 Tarfia Faizullah reads poems from Seam, chosen for the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award (Southern Illinois University Press). We talk about writing a long sequence. We also talk about imagination and research–and the unforgotten. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/4gfgj7m3dm24p5m2pic9u0otvrc2gmt9.mp3 Download Audio Original airdate: November 30, 2016 For more about this poet, click here!

author photo with the Liz holding the WCBN sign and T with her face smiling through a tamborine

Will Schwalbe

From the archive: 2017 Will Schwalbe reads from Books for Living published by Knopf (2017). We talk about joy, connecting books to moments in your life, the 80s, and MMMBop.For more on this author, click here! https://umich.box.com/shared/static/nqtjg9k6kohhvb7as4gg4ommssqkut92.mp3 Download Audio Original recording date: March 9, 2017

author photo

Alison Bechdel

From the archive: 2015 Alison Bechdel talks about her books The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, and Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama all published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. We talk about drawing and immediacy – and the self as character – and family. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/alobpgc2m5hj4gubpjwftlmn78n5oimg.wav Download Audio For …

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Brian, Andre, T, Kristin in the station lobby after the show

Andre Williams

From the archive: 2010 Andre Williams reads from his book Sweets and Other Stories (Kicks Books 2009). You may know Andre, as many do, as “Mr. Rhythm” from his time at Fortune Records and Chess Records and in Motown with hits such as “Bacon Fat,” “Greasy Chicken,” Jail Bait,” and many others.  A true legend. …

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author photo

Kazim Ali

From the archive: 2010 Kazim Ali reads from Bright Felon: Autobiography and Cities (Wesleyan University Press 2009). We talk about gender theory, Yoko Ono, and blurring genre. We also talk about the geography of emotion and the past. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/r41w04kqdpyu1qv1fga5k7x9f84genxo.mp3 Download Audio Original airdate: October 13, 2010 Recording date: October 7, 2010 Photo credit: press kit

poet photo

Ken Mikolowski

From the archive: 2010 Ken Mikolowski reads poems from Big Enigmas (Past Tents Press). We talk about humor, art, and Detroit.  We also talk about Ann Mikolowski‘s pocket portraits, reading with MC5 and Iggy and the Stooges, Ken’s most recent event in New York City and a pork barrel prize. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/8znugo2mecy7um6ugsu3l5jwvzeljv8o.mp3 Download Audio Original airdate: June …

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poet photo

Anne Waldman

From the archive: 2012 Anne Waldman reads from The Iovis Trilogy:  Colors in the Mechanism of Concealment–a project that spanned 26 years (Coffee House Press). We talk about collaboration, Ginsberg, manatees, and walking meditation.  We also talk about her archive at the University of Michigan Library. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/3fee9mp6cfqtwylp72al8815icl6ethh.mp3 Download Audio Original airdate: April 12, 2012

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