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David Sedaris

David Sedaris  came to town with his  essay collection When You Are Engulfed in Flames (Little, Brown 2008).  In this conversation, we talk about the wonders of the public library, Tobias Wolff and Matt Damon, and fact checking. We also talk about balancing humor, unstable fables and little known ant facts.

*archives: taped June 9, 2008

*photo credit: Ingrid Christie


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Jennifer Traig

Guest host Amanda Uhle talks with Jennifer Traig, author of Devil in the Details: Scenes from an Obsessive Girlhood, Well Enough Alone: A Cultural History of My Hypochondria, editor of The Autobiographer’s Handbook and many other titles. Her upcoming book is a cultural history of parenting, due out in 2019. A memoirist, humorist, editor, and a self-possessed craft addict with a PhD in literature, Jennifer joins Amanda to talk about writing about oneself, parenting, feminism, food, mental illness, religion, the 80s, and beyond.

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Frances Stroh

This show and the next has a special focus on Detroit, in part to mark the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the 1967 uprising.  Frances Stroh, author of Beer Money, talks about her family’s beer empire and their legacy. We talk memoir, money, families, art, and shifting perspectives on real life facts. We talk beer. And of course, we talk Detroit. Guest host: Amanda Uhle; Engineer: Frank Uhle.



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Doree Shafrir

Guest host Amanda Uhle talks with Doree Shafrir, Senior Culture Writer at Buzzfeed and author of the novel Start Up, which skewers startup culture and tackles workplace sexual harassment, the ever changing role of the internet in relationships, and work life balance across generations. We also talk Bill O’Reilly, feminism, and what movie plots and novel plots have in common.


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