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George Bornstein
George Bornstein discusses a new facsimile edition of W.B. Yeat’s Read more.
George Bornstein
George Bornstein reads from The Colors of Zion:  Blacks, Jews, and Irish Read more.
J. A. Jance
J. A. Jance reads from the latest in her Joanna Read more.
Billy Bragg
Billy Bragg talks about his book Roots, Radicals and Rockers: How Read more.
Russell Brakefield
Russell Brakefield reads poems from his debut collection Field Recordings (Wayne State University Press Read more.
Gina Brandolino
Gina Brandolino reads from her latest essay The Monster Inside: Frankenstein’s Read more.
Adrienne Brodeur
Guest host Amanda Uhle speaks with Adrienne Brodeur, author of Read more.
Oni Buchanan and Jon Woodward
Oni Buchanan and Jon Woodward discuss their books of poems. Read more.
Bryan Burrough
Bryan Burrough is in the studio with his latest book Read more.
CM Burroughs
CM Burroughs reads poems from The Vital System (Tupelo Press 2012). We talk Read more.