Cat Warren

Cat Warren reads from What the Dog Knows: Scent, Science, and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceive the World published by Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, Inc. We talk about science journalism and creative nonfiction. We also talk about working dogs — cadaver dogs, particularly. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/3vvtr2vnlq47zw29fiofds91dcihnfg1.wav Download Audio For more about the author, click here!

Hilary and Mike Gustafson

This Summer Reads special edition of Living Writers features Hilary and Mike Gustafson from Literati Bookstore. We talk about books that are great for summer. Also, about the much anticipated release of Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman published by HarperCollins. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/11wvl9h97th2xsm77rxnvg8nd2f8chx2.wav Download Audio For more on Literati, click here!

Diane Cook

Diane Cook reads from her debut story collection Man V. Nature published by Harper; it’s also an Indie Next Pick. We talk about the wild, the surreal, and about survival. We also talk about This American Life and NELP. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/96c7kmfx9mqero9mo9k5nqi0d7s1f6d5.wav Download Audio For more about the author, click here!

Elizabeth Berg

Elizabeth Berg reads from her latest novel The Dream Lover published by Random House. We talk about historical fiction, singing in a band, and the life and loves of George Sand. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/jqyygwlycngo2sq71nq2vzbzlwoxnybw.wav Download Audio For more about the author, click here!

Lloyd Cole

Lloyd Cole talks about his album STANDARDS released by Omnivore in 2014. We also talk about a seed for a song, time passing, golf, and notebooks. Are you ready to be heart broken? https://umich.box.com/shared/static/oqoivdh9wthowlxtw8oyymhrrbuji5q2.wav Download Audio For more about the artist, click here!

Courtney Maum

Courtney Maum reads from her debut novel I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You out in paper with Touchstone. We talk about the ten year odyssey of making this book, love notes, organic links and lamination. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/012yost0dp2gzrmzsfpdmyopari2c4eu.wav Download Audio To visit the author website, click here!

Jean Valentine

Poet Jean Valentine reads from Break the Glass and Shirt In Heaven published by Copper Canyon Press. We talk about memory, elegy, music and dreaming. Take heart. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/i56bxlhpmjr9i15j1pvi5g701m4npi6v.wav Download Audio For more about the author, click here!

Richard Siken

Richard Siken reads from his new collection of poems War of the Foxes published by Copper Canyon Press. We talk about fables, animals, collections and the need for making. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/ei14zg5u2mi2r2be47hev91wiz6imlt4.wav Download Audio For more about the author, click here!

Kelly Link

Kelly Link reads from her collection of short stories Get In Trouble published by Random House. We talk about writing a story without something “magical” in it. We also talk about taxidermy, Ray Bradbury, the uncanny, and about being haunted by hill house. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/i1fmcy8op4odhld3smq0jbey0xxtdbjq.wav Download Audio For more about the author, click here!