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David Sedaris

David Sedaris  came to town with his  essay collection When You Are Engulfed in Flames (Little, Brown 2008).  In this conversation, we talk about the wonders of the public library, Tobias Wolff and Matt Damon, and fact checking. We also talk about balancing humor, unstable fables and little known ant facts.

*archives: taped June 9, 2008

*photo credit: Ingrid Christie


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Mohja Kahf

Mohja Kahf reads from Hagar Poems (University of Arkansas Press 2016).

We talk about the intersecting stories of Hagar, Abraham and Sarah, traditional narratives, and  reconfiguring stories for the current moment–and Mohja also reads poems from the new manuscript.

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Mohja Kahf with Rima Hassouneh of The Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies in the station lobby post-show.

Robert Yoon

Robert Yoon is a political journalist, current Knight-Wallace Fellow and host of “The J Word,” WCBN’s public affairs program about journalism and current events.
We talk about photos with heroes, the Michigan Daily, speech writing for Al Gore, directing political research at CNN, the art of humor writing, visiting Korea, and the life of Doris Miller.

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Gerald Vizenor

Gerald Vizenor  was in town to present the 2018 Robert F. Berkhofer Jr. Lecture in Native American Studies.

We talk about haiku, sound and motion, ethical experience, and choosing chance.


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Many thanks to Joseph Gone, Scott Lyons, Stephanie Elliott Prieto, Jason Voss, Frank Uhle, Department of American Culture, Native American Studies, and the Berkhofer Jr Lecture Series.

Gerald with Kat and Steve in the station lobby post-show