This site collects advice and resources for students in both PhD  programs at the University of Michigan Mathematics  department. The advice is generated by both students and faculty, and is maintained by Professor Karen Smith, who is currently the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and served as chair of the (pure math) Doctoral Committee for over 10 years before that. The information here is not official math department policy. These are resources gathered by and the opinions of many people who care and know something about being a graduate student and/or mentor of one in math at UM.

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Non-Academic Career Conference

An all-day Career Conference for PhD students and post-docs will take place on Friday April 5. Our our Gilad Pagi, UM Math PhD (2018), now working at Google,  will be on one of the panels. There are panels on different […]

Career Panel Discussion in Junior Colloquium Today

Today, Friday, at 4 pm we will host an important Panel Discussion about Non-Academic careers for PhD mathematicians in 1068 EH. I urge you all to come, whether or not you currently intend such a career yourself. Mostly want to […]

Congratulations to Rackham Fellowship Winners!

Emanuel Reinecke, Harry Richman, and Rachel Webb have all been awarded the   Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship! In addition, William Clark was selected as an alternate, should any of the winners from across campus be unable to accept, an honor in itself. […]

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