This site collects advice and resources for graduate students in both the Mathematics and Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics  programs at the University of Michigan. The advice is generated by students, alumni, and faculty, and is maintained by Professor Karen Smith, who is currently the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, with the assistance of  PhD students in Michigan’s math department. The information here is not official math department policy. These are resources gathered by and the opinions of many people who care and know something about being a graduate student and/or mentor of one in math at UM. Please click around and leave us a note to let us know what you think!

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MAA Math Fest

The Mathematical Association of America is the primary professional organization of mathematicians in teaching-focused academic positions. They hold an annual conference called Math-Fest which features outstanding expository talks by leading researchers, invited paper sessions, workshops on research and teaching, minicourses, […]

GSI-ing Outside the Math Department

Advice about GSI-ing Outside the Math Department

Panel TODAY on non-traditional career paths for mathematicians

Don’t forget: Thursday June 13 at 3:00pm, there will be a panel featuring LGBTQ individuals who followed nontraditional career paths after a mathematicsPhD.  Everyone is invited! The tea/coffee/snack break preceding the panel is at 3:00pm in the Lower Atrium, and the panel […]

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