Interested in Teaching in the CS department?

You may be aware that there is a national shortage of computer science professors and lecturers. This means opportunities for YOU, Math PhD looking for work, especially if you love teaching and want to stay in Ann Arbor. The chair […]

Luis Serrano to speak in Invitations to Industry Monday

Our own Luis Serrano (UM Math PhD 2010) will be speaking Monday November 15 at Noon in the Invitations to Industry seminar, jointly sponsored by the Erdos Institute. Don’t miss Luis! He’s an incredibly helpful resource for our PhD students […]

Interested in Finance Jobs post PhD?

Math PhD Alumnus Alex Leaf, who defended his thesis, The Kashaev Equation and Related Recurrences in 2018 under the direction of Sergey Fomin, reached out to let us know he’d be happy to provide advice on the recruiting process for […]

5 reasons I chose an industry career over an academic one

By Gilad Pagi, UM Math PhD 2018 Google Senior Software Engineer, Los Angelos 1. Geographical Flexibility: industry jobs are everywhere and usually do not require your predecessor to leave/transfer/retire.  2. Self Funded: True research industry positions are not abundant, but once you land one, […]

Invitations to Industry TONIGHT

Stressed about the job market? Don’t be! There continue to be lots of good jobs for PhD mathematicians. Learn more at tonight’s Invitation to Industry Seminar 6pm. Details below Camelia: Edgestream Partners: Zoom link:

Sign up for the Erdos Institute’s list-serv

Stressed about finding employment in these pandemic times? Interesting in learning more about the exciting and highly paid jobs for mathematicians? Just want to hear about options for Math PhDs who graduated from a program like ours a few years […]

ICERM adds post-doc positions for pandemic

Some good news for folks looking for an academic post-doctoral position: ICERM has announced some additional post-doc positions intended to mitigate the loss of entry-level positions for mathematical scientists starting fall 2021. The Simons Foundation has provided funding for three Simons […]

Jane Street Recruiting Symposium for Math PhDs and students

Kristen Chang at Jane Street , a proprietary trading firm,  reached out to invite YOU, Michigan-affiliated PhD Mathematician (or soon to be PhD mathematician), to a Symposium designed to show you some of the interesting math being done at Jane […]

Two Six Labs is hiring Math PhDs

Alexander Zaitzeff (UM Math PhD 2020) reached out to let me know that his workplace, Two Six Labs, is hiring this year, and he’s happy to talk to any Michigan Math graduates interested in learning more about Two Six Labs. Alexander […]

Post-doc Position at Northeastern

Tony Iarrobino wrote with the following information for those looking for a post-doc in math: As some of you may have already noticed, we are advertising a Zelevinsky Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Training Group (ZPF/RTG) for this Fall on mathjobs. The approval […]