TWIM Extract

TWIMExtract provides a simple interface for automated extraction of slices of multidimensional data from Waters .raw format. TWIMExtract collapses multidimensional data to a single dimension (drift time, m/z, or retention time) chosen by the user, allowing rapid generation and comparison of CIU fingerprints, mass spectra, m/z specific chromatograms, and more. Ranges of drift time, m/z, and retention time can be specified for any extraction, allowing for flexible and specific extraction of features of interest from an arbitrary number of raw files. Also includes command-line interface to support scripting and advanced development.

For more information, please refer to:

Haynes, S.E., Polasky D. A., Majmudar, J. D., Dixit, S. M., Ruotolo, B. T., Martin, B. R. “Variable-velocity traveling-wave ion mobility separation enhances peak capacity for data-independent acquisition proteomics”. (Link to the article)

To use TWIMExtract, please enter your information below to receive a free download link. Source code and the manual for TWIMExtract can be found here.

Note: Users should ensure they have the latest version of Java (at least v8)
TWIM Extract