Post-doc Position at Northeastern

Tony Iarrobino wrote with the following information for those looking for a post-doc in math:

As some of you may have already noticed, we are advertising a Zelevinsky Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Training Group (ZPF/RTG) for this Fall on mathjobs. The approval for the position came in rather late this year, and it is not clear that we will succeed in filling the position at this stage. The College has replaced the title “Zelevinsky Research Instructor” with the new title “Zelevinsky Postdoctoral Fellow”, but the nature of the position itself has not been changed. We are looking at a deadline of August 10 or so. (There is currently an error in the deadline listed on mathjobs.)

If you know of any strong candidates who are still on the market for this year, please direct them to our ad on mathjobs. The candidates hired through the ZPF/RTG position have to be US citizens or permanent residents (NSF requirement for the RTG grant).

We are also advertising a Zelevinsky Postdoctoral Fellowship without the RTG piece. This position can only be filled if the search for the ZPF/RTG position fails (for example, because of the extremely short time frame, or the citizenship/residency requirement that must be met). The ad will appear on mathjobs within a day or two, and we need your help in (potentially) filling this position as well.