Interested in teaching EECS 376 this fall?

The Associate Chair, Seth Pettie,  in the CSE department (the more theoretical side of EECS) is again looking for a Math PhD/MLB student to hire as GSI for EECS 376, Foundations of Computer Science this fall. Let me know if you’d like an introduction.

This is a great way to get to know colleagues in another department that values your expertise, see how things work elsewhere in the U, and gain valuable experience. Because of the nationwide shortage of instructors in CS, this could be especially valuable to you if you are hoping to pursue an academic career, as many Universities and colleges combine math and CS departments, or otherwise occasionally staff CS courses with mathematicians.

Although the ideal candidate will have a major or minor in CS, several Math GSIs have taught EECS 376 before without such, and this is not strictly speaking a requirement. Here’s a bit more information about some of the current Michigan math grad students who have GSI:ed outside the math department.

All Math PhD students should improve their computing skills. The reasons are many, ranging from improving your  chances of doing groundbreaking mathematical research to  having some idea what else is out there if you are curious about the wide range of job opportunities for folks with Math PhDs.  Take a few minutes to explore our Advice and Resources website, where students and faculty have put together information and shared their opinions on this topic, to help you become a stronger professional mathematician.