Team publishes “Collaboration Transcending Crisis” in Inside Higher Ed

Members of the From Africa to Patagonia Collaboratory team recently published “Collaboration Transcending Crisis” in Inside Higher Ed, a leading higher education news source.

According to co-author and team PI Nick Henriksen, the article is “…a deep reflection into the power of undergraduate engagement and harnessing collective wisdom.” Lead authors Henriksen and Ian K. Cook (BA, ’18) provide a detailed look at how their team’s inclusive model enables students to become “active agents in the research process.” The article asserts not only that collaborative projects are feasible during the current Coronavirus crisis, but that they are vital to undergraduate education in the humanities.

Henriksen and Cook address the complications introduced by the Coronavirus and the means their team is using to respond flexibly to changing practices, including collaborating effectively across geographical distance. They write, “Although we recognize that, for the near future, participants in this type of collaboration will probably not be able to conduct fieldwork trips as easily as we did, many of the core principles…remain applicable to any collaboration.”

In addition to Henriksen and Cook, the following From Africa to Patagonia project members contributed to “Collaboration Transcending Crisis”: Ella Deaton, Ellie Johandes, Kelly Kendro, Paulina Alberto, Andries Coetzee, Lorenzo García-Amaya, Victoria Langland, Ana Silva, and Ryan Szpiech.