Cover Letter Workshop

Your cover letter is usually the first impression you make on a prospective employer.  The Sweetland Center is offer graduate students a workshop to  review the essential elements  of a strong cover letter. You will be able to work on […]

Upcoming Writing Workshop

The Rackham/Sweetland Workshops cover a host of topics designed to help graduate students in various aspects of writing. For example, they run workshops to help you write research, teaching, personal and diversity statements for fellowship applications as well as academic positions.   […]

Interested in becoming a better non-technical mathematical expositor?

The 2019 Michigan ConSciCom is an effective program for teaching young mathematicians and scientists to better communicate their work. First begun at Harvard in 2013, this 2 day workshop promises to be fun and helpful for all math PhD students, […]

Innovative Teaching Opportunity: full funding

The Sweetland Writing Center offers Math (and all Rackham) PhD students  a great opportunity to do something different to support themselves, and to get additional training especially valuable for those planning to pursue a career in academia. Please consider applying! Our own […]