Redesigning the Future of On-line Food Consumption

Figure 4. Prototype interface for the urban farms GUI REDESIGNING ON-LINE FOOD CONSUMPTION TO ENHANCE RACIAL AND SOCIAL INCLUSION THROUGH GENERATIVE PRODUCTION NETWORKS Keesa V. Johnson1, Ron Eglash2* 1Penny Stamps School of Art and Design, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, […]

Azteca ant colonies move the same way leopards’ spots form

Authors: SFSI Faculty Affiliates Ivette Perfecto and John Vandermeer Published December 2019 in BioScience ANN ARBOR—What could Azteca ants in coffee farms in Mexico have in common with leopards’ spots and zebras’ stripes? After two decades of analyzing the rise, spread […]

Development pathways toward “zero hunger”

Authors: SFSI Faculty Affiliates Jennifer Blesh,  Lesli Hoey, Andrew Jones, Harriet Friedmann, Ivette Perfecto Published February 2019 in World Development   Full article here Globally, industrial agriculture threatens critical ecosystem processes on which crop production depends, while 815 million people are undernourished and […]

Food sovereignty education across the Americas: multiple origins, converging movements

Authors: SFSI faculty affiliate Lesli Hoey and attendees of the 2015 UM Food Sovereignty Conference:David Meek, Katharine Bradley, Bruce Ferguson, Helda Morales, Peter Rosset, Rebecca Tarlau Published March 2017 in the Journal of Agriculture and Human Values Social movements are using education to generate critical consciousness regarding the social and environmental unsustainability of […]