Fast Food for Thought

3rd Annual Fast Food for Thought
October 25, 2016

2nd Annual Fast Food for Thought
October 27, 2015

Tom Princen (SNRE) “Why food? Why now?”
Welcome & Introduction: Lilly Fink Shapiro

Margot Finn
(LSA) “Who Eats Fast Food? Social Class & Stigma in the Sustainable Food Movement”
Introduction by Maren Spolum

Catherine Badgley (EEB) “Feeding the world with sustainable agriculture”
Introduction by Ivette Perfecto

John Vandermeer (EEB) “A new plan for the revolution in agriculture: in 5 minutes”
Introduction by Jennifer Blesh

Alicia Alvarez (Law) “Legal Support for an Equitable Food System”
Introduction by Lilly Fink Shapiro

Sara Soderstrom (PitE, Org Studies) “Food, Entrepreneurship, and Social Change”
Introduction by Andrew Jones

Gina Baucom (EEB) “Herbicide resistance in weedy plants: current status and future prospect
Introduction: Lee Taylor Penn

Joe Trumpey (Art and Design) “Homesteading as Creative Practice”
Introduction: Lesli Hoey



Thank you to our generous sponsors:
Department of Nutritional Sciences, Graham Sustainability Institute, School of Natural Resources and Environment, Program in the Environment, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Law School