The University of Michigan Sustainable Food Systems Initiative engages an interdisciplinary mix of students, faculty, and communities at local and global levels to learn from and build food systems that are health-promoting, economically viable, equitable, and ecologically sound.

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Leah Penniman | “Farming While Black: Uprooting Racism, Seeding Sovereignty”

March 10, 2020 Some of our most cherished sustainable farming practices – from organic agriculture to the farm cooperative and the CSA – have roots in African wisdom. Yet, discrimination and violence against African-American farmers has led to our decline […]

COVID-19 Update: Food Literacy For All Now Virtual

UPDATE: Food Literacy will be moving to an online format starting on Tuesday, March 17, and will continue to be virtual through the remainder of the semester. We are attempting to quickly adapt our course and we appreciate your flexibility […]

Ashley Atkinson, Naim Edwards, Michelle Martinez | “The Hidden Plight of Modern Growers”

February 25, 2020 Detroit growers Ashley Atkinson and Naim Edwards and environmental justice advocate Michelle Martinez discussed how climate change directly impacts urban agriculture and environmental issues in Detroit.

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