The University of Michigan Sustainable Food Systems Initiative engages an interdisciplinary mix of students, faculty, and communities at local and global levels to learn from and build food systems that are health-promoting, economically viable, equitable, and ecologically sound.

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Unexpected Limitations to the Biological Control of the Coffee Leaf Miner

Authors: SFSI Faculty Affiliates Ivette Perfecto and John Vandermeer along with EEB students Zachary Hajian-Forooshani and Alexa White Published July 2020 in Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment ANN ARBOR— The most recent publication by the Perfectomeer lab of Ivette Perfecto and John Vandermeer details the […]

Faculty Spotlight: Jessica Kenyatta Walker

Jessica Kenyatta Walker | Faculty Spotlight Date: September 21, 2020 Dr. Jessica Kenyatta Walker started her romance with academia in high school and since then she has forged a uniquely intersectional career uncovering the way race, space, symbolism and so […]

Faculty Spotlight: Cindy Leung

Cindy Leung | Faculty Spotlight Date: August 7, 2020 Community nutrition advocate, native Californian, and mom, Cindy Leung, is interested in understanding the implications of food insecurity, especially on our very own campus.  What sparked your interest in food insecurity? […]

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