Help Film a Video about Food Sovereignty!

Participatory Food Sovereignty Video Project


In preparation for the upcoming conference, we are launching a participatory video project in an attempt to include the voices of farmers, farm workers, fishers, food processors, restaurant workers, policymakers and anyone else fighting for the right to “food sovereignty” (what has been defined as the right of people “to define their own food and agriculture systems”). We are particularly interested in the voices of people who are under-heard in our food system.

We are looking for volunteers to film short interviews (5 minute or less) of people you know, or even of yourself! “Selfie” videos are welcome.

Sample Interview Questions:
1. What does “food sovereignty” mean to you?
2. Why is food sovereignty important?
3. How is food a form of power?

Filming info:

  • Cameras: All types should work, even recent smartphones
  • Close-up clips are best: Try to film the speaker’s head & shoulders only
  • Audio: Film inside in a quiet place if possible. If outside, try to minimize wind.
  • Be informed:These videos may be used to compile a short video of diverse voices from around the world, which will be streamed during the conferenceThe final video may also be featured on a website.

Sending in your video:

  • Complete the online release form: HERE 
  • Entries will be accepted until May 15th, 2015
  • Email videos to Lilly ( OR use dropbox for large files.
  • Please include: Name of interviewer, filming location, name of the interviewee, the role in the food system the interviewee plays (i.e. farmer, restaurant worker, etc.), date of the interview, contact info of the interviewer