UM researchers launch website about Food Access in Michigan (FAIM)

The Food Access in Michigan (FAIM) Project highlights the systemic challenges in addressing food insecurity while seeking to support regional food systems that strengthen local communities across the state. It is a USDA-funded study rooted in an environmental justice framework examining food access and food insecurity in Michigan.

The FAIM Project, a multi-disciplinary research study across six research teams, focuses on understanding the complex reality of food environments across Michigan. They  conduct qualitative and quantitative research addressing one of our state’s most critical challenges: feeding all communities across Michigan with locally grown, healthy and affordable foods while supporting small farmers and growers in the process.

 They work with a diverse array of stakeholders to assess current barriers to and opportunities for improving access to regionally produced healthy food for people across Michigan.

 FAIM’s goal is to develop strategies for fostering vibrant, food secure communities that are rooted in principles of justice and equity for everyone along the food chain.

See the Food Access in Michigan project for more information.