Faculty Spotlight: Cindy Leung

Cindy Leung | Faculty Spotlight Date: August 7, 2020 Community nutrition advocate, native Californian, and mom, Cindy Leung, is interested in understanding the implications of food insecurity, especially on our very own campus.  What sparked your interest in food insecurity? […]

Faculty Spotlight: Jessica Kenyatta Walker

Jessica Kenyatta Walker | Faculty Spotlight Date: September 21, 2020 Dr. Jessica Kenyatta Walker started her romance with academia in high school and since then she has forged a uniquely intersectional career uncovering the way race, space, symbolism and so […]

Faculty Spotlight: Ray de Young

Ray De Young | March Faculty Spotlight Ray De Young is a lover of the Midwest, a scholar of localization, and a grandfather. Broadly trained as a psychologist, engineer, and planner, he describes himself as an idealist without illusions. While […]

Faculty Spotlight: Bruce Ferguson

Bruce Ferguson | SFSI Visting Faculty A researcher, agroecologist, lifelong lover of peanut butter, and former student of SFSI faculty, Dr. Bruce Ferguson is a visiting scholar this semester with SFSI and the SEAS Food Systems Theme. Dr. Ferguson is […]

Faculty Spotlight: Harriet Friedmann

A pioneer of sustainable food systems scholarship, Harriet Friedmann has been researching, teaching, and writing about food systems since the 1970s.  She was an early member of the Toronto Food Policy Council and has taught for over 40 years in […]

Faculty Spotlight: Julia Wolfson

As a former professional chef in fine dining restaurants, Dr. Julia Wolfson (SPH) studies how food preparation, eating behaviors, and policy affect diet and health. Dr. Wolfson’s recent study about sodium in restaurant meals made headlines. Julia Wolfson | Assistant […]

Faculty Spotlight: Meha Jain

A lover of fresh lychees and satellite imagery, Meha Jain is the fifth and most recent addition to the University’s Sustainable Food Systems cluster hire. Based at the School of Natural Resources and Environment, her innovative work uses satellite imagery […]

Faculty Spotlight: Catherine Badgley

Catherine Badgley is a member of the advisory board of the Sustainable Food Systems Initiative and perhaps most well known for the seminal article she co-authored about Organic Agriculture and the Global Food Supply.  She is a vertebrate paleontologist, ecologist, […]

Faculty Spotlight: Joe Trumpey

Growing plants and animals is the cornerstone of Joe Trumpey’s creative practice. His passion for the environment and innovation drives his teaching methodology and focus on design that is less reliant on fossil fuel. Joe Trumpey | Associate Professor of […]

Faculty Spotlight: Alicia Alvarez

Influenced by “rebellious lawyering”, UM Law Professor Alicia Alvarez considers what justice means at all levels of the food system. Her clinic works with diverse client groups such as an urban farm, a farmer’s market, and a group that represents […]

Faculty Spotlight: John Vandermeer

A lifelong activist, Dr. John Vandermeer has inspired hundreds of students to critically question the world around them. His empathy and solidarity with the oppressed has drawn him to work with groups such as the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, Science […]

Faculty Spotlight: Margot Finn

Margot Finn | Lecturer, University Courses Division When she isn’t teaching, Dr. Margot Finn can be found watching movies and reading IMDb. This isn’t your usual binge-watch—she analyzes mass media text in order to understand the U.S. food movement from […]

Faculty Spotlight: Lesli Hoey

Lesli Hoey | Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning & Sustainable Food Systems cluster hire Dr. Lesli Hoey has a boundless energy and appetite for change that permeates her personal and professional life. As a dual citizen of Bolivia […]

Faculty Spotlight: Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones | Assistant Professor in the School of Public Health, Department of Human Nutrition & Sustainable Food Systems cluster hire Dr. Andrew Jones has held many titles–geographer, filmmaker, pie-eating champ, researcher, professor, and now dad. Before the holidays, he took […]

Faculty Spotlight: Gina Baucom

Gina Baucom | Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & Sustainable Food Systems cluster hire  Ever wondered what genome structure has to do with the sweet potatoes on our Thanksgiving table? Or how morning glory plants have […]