Robert Lustig | “Corporate Wealth or Public Health?”

  February 4, 2020 Mountain Dew Mouth has been the scourge of dentists for decades. But there’s a new disease which affects even more people: Mountain Dew Liver. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) wasn’t even discovered until 1980; and now […]

Christopher Gardner | “Stealth Nutrition”

March 19, 2019 Most people have plenty of room for improvement in the healthfulness of what they choose to eat and drink. The food industry has proven to be resourceful and clever in marketing a never-ending line of tasty, convenient […]

Jonathan Bloom “The Impact and Opportunity of Wasted Food”

From farm to fork, America squanders food at an alarming rate. In total, 40 percent of the available food supply is wasted. In a wide-ranging talk, Jonathan will discuss the underlying causes of U.S. food waste and the implications of this problem before focusing on the many solutions–both personal and society-wide.

“Food Policy and Health Outcomes” | Panel Discussion

March 13, 2018 In this panel session, speakers discuss policy and its impact on community health. The distinguished speakers are: Winona Bynum, RDN, PMP, CSM, Executive Director, Detroit Food Policy Council Alicia Cohen, M.D., M.Sc., Clinical Lecturer, University of Michigan Medical School […]