“Red Sky” or “Red Palm”

RedSkyRed Sky” (2006) or “Red Palm” (2006)
by Jeffrey Catherine Jones (1944-2011)
18 x 24 in, oil on canvas
Coppola Collection

I bought this in 2006 from Jones, directly. I asked about it. This was the kind reply:

“In 1966, my wife and I honeymooned on Jekyl Island, an island off the coast of Georgia, and a beautiful animal preserve. Looking back this is my memory and interpretation of it (ca. 1994).”

This is one of my favorite all-time pieces of art. It is just stunningly vibrant. The inherent ambiguity of this draws me to it: it is a deep sunset or a nuclear explosion? I never know if I am supposed to be calm or upset, and I keep flip-flopping back and forth.

The eBay auction (2006) was titled “Red Palm” and a catalogue of her site records it as having been called “Red Sky.”