Triad Ritual

Triad Ritual 1 Triad Ritual 2 Triad Ritual 3
Northwest view
Southeast view
southwest view
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Three tall figures form a circle in the area in back of Pierpoint Commons. All the same size. All cast iron. All in imitation of ancient Cycladic idols. And yet all three members of the circle have a different head that resembles a tool – a wedge on one, an anvil on another – tools that have allowed humankind to cultivate the land through agriculture or destroy it through the weapons of war. Does the Triad Ritual mark our coming together? Or does it symbolize the tensions that exist in society? Or perhaps does it do both simultaneously? It is interesting to note that the sculptor, Beverly Pepper, who also made Ternary Marker on Central Campus, once again turns to an adoption of this ancient art form from the prehistoric Mediterranean with which to address these questions.

Sculptor: Beverly Pepper

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